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2020 Elections: Celebrity’s endorsement for a party not a crime- NPP Patriotic Youth Movement, PYM.

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Celebrity is a central structuring point in self and social identification, per-forming as it does an increasingly important role in self-framings, self-imaginings, self-revisions and self-reflection.

Celebrities have two kinds of specific power; the abilities to shed light on issues and persuade audience.

Through their activism on the world stage, a self-selected cast of celebrities have begun to have a significant impact on policy, shaping the agenda on a range of global humanitarian issues. 

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Celebrities play a growing role as part of an emerging strategy for political advocacy. There is empirical confirmation of celebrities having a positive effect on the willingness of young people to support specific causes. 

Political sway could be heavily influenced by public media fans. As more individuals become involved with the opinions of their idols, they could potentially be swayed into a specific political scope. Influence is a pivotal part of politics.

Let’s  ask ourselves this questions.

1. what  factors  justify  celebrity  endorsement as  an  election  campaign  strategy  given  the  increasing  doubts  associated  with  celebrity involvement  in  politics?

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This  suggests  that  celebrities are  largely  emulated  and  their  promotion  of  a  cause  would  receive  attention  and  influence opinions.  Thus  celebrity  endorsement  of  politicians  increases  the  exposure  of  the  politicians to  the  public,  and  can  also  improve  the  involvement  of  voters  in  the  election  process. Advertisers  use  film,  television,  music  or  sports  celebrities  to  promote  their  brands  because consumers  identify  with  success  stories

Candidates use Celebrities  to  increase  support  from  the  audience,  raise  funds  and  mobilize voters.  They  also  postulate  that  celebrities  use  their  persuasive  powers  to  make  contesting candidates unpopular.

 They  seem  to  suggest  that  the  more  accessible and  familiar  politics  appears  to  be,  owing  to  the  celebrities  involvement  in  it,  the  more  likely voters  will  be  receptive  to  political  messages.

Oprah  Winfrey‟s endorsement  for  Barack  Obama  prior  to  the  2008  democratic  presidential  primaries  to  confirm that  Winfrey‟s  endorsement  had  a significant  effect  on  Obama‟s  election  outcomes.  

Her involvement  increased  the  number  of  votes  received  by  Obama,  as  well  as  the  overall  level  of voter  participation. A  lot  of  election campaigns  were  done  on  social  media  and  owing  to  the  massive  followership enjoyed  by celebrities,  campaign  managers  would  leverage  on  that  to  reach  their  fans. 

 Numerous campaign  and  endorsement  videos  were  uploaded  on  YouTube. Celebrities  who  are  active  on  social  media  were  probably  considered  a great  channel  to  communicate  the  campaign  message.

All the explicit information stated above indicates that Ghanaian musicians that have thrown their support and endorsement for the New patriotic party have done no wrong and in effect, their critics, must not drag their images to the gutters.

Story By: Obofour Michael – www.myghanamedia.com (Reporter)

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