Social activist and politician Kwame A Plus has exposed the Director of Operations at the National Security Secretariat Colonel Michael Agyeman as the person behind the activities of New Patriotic Party (NPP) vigilante groups Delta Forces In Kumasi.

According to A Plus, the recent assault and removal from office of the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo by the vigilantes were on the orders of Colonel Agyeman.

The said Colonel Agyemang was recently in the news for allegedly assaulting Citi FM’s Caleb Kudah.

But in the latest development, A Plus claims Colonel Agyeman deployed the NPP vigilante Delta Forces because the Ashanti Security capo DCOP Opare Addo was terrorizing illegal miners galamsey operations in the region.

APLUs wrote:

“He called me yesterday and explained to me that the reason why he was removed from office is that he was fighting NPP galamsey kingpins. According to him, it was one colonel Agyeman who sent vigilantes to his office. These boys put Mr Opare Addo, a former greater Accra and Ashanti regional police commander in handcuffs. When he told them that he wanted to pee, these small boys followed him to the washroom and said removed your penis, we are all men. What crime has this man over 60 years of age commit? Is it a crime to serve your president and country?”

He added:

“According to him, few hours before this happened, some very big men at Jubilee House called him to run away from his office to avoid being attacked by party vigilantes. So the government is out of control?

Is this NPP!!! Is this Akufo Addo’s Ghana?!!” He wondered.