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Africa Would Be Worthless By The Next Century – Former MP Writes

I have studied the trend of development in Africa and realize that our leaders are indeed misleaders without vision. They are leading us into nothingness and the future generations would wake up into an Africa that would offer nothing to the world



 1. Education


Our education has been so compromised that if nothing is done we shall continue to produce worthless graduates who would only be fit for manual labor which sector is even now gradually being taken over by machines and robots. So our much-touted richness in human capital would by the next century be reduced to near zilch





Africa was/is so well endowed that the rest of the world was relying on us for almost everything on their dinner table and beyond. The world was fed by our coffee, cocoa, timber, rubber, essential oils and many more. While we have been relying on our near-monopoly of this product to remain relevant, we have not invested in their development such that the procedure the first cocoa farmer for instance used for the cultivation of Ghana’s cocoa in 1879 is the same used this year 2021.

While we sleep on our progress and rely on rain fed agriculture with obsolete tools, the rest of the world is perfecting the cultivation and even cloning these products such that there are alternatives to almost every crop we once claimed a monopoly on. (China just exported its first Cocoa). Meanwhile we make *No* effort at manufacturing what we produce. Where we mimic manufacturing the machines are produced by our competitors .

Have you noticed that the western world is aggressively pursuing the development of cannabis even to the level of offering courses on it in their universities? Yet they criminalize it’s production in Africa?





3. Mineral wealth

Are we sure that we know how much Africa is worth in minerals? Have you noticed too that almost all mining is undertaken with western technology and that all but an infinitesimal part of the minerals mined in Africa are shipped to the West? While the minerals that are irreplaceable leave Africa, the little revenue from the sales of these minerals that could have been used for development also leave Africa. Our leaders madly and inexplicably reach stinking deals that leave us the least fraction, mostly single digit percentages. Even with that 10% of this is illegally appropriated by our thieving leaders to feed their own lavish styles. We know that these minerals can’t be replaced and that the Western laboratories are assiduously working on alternate clones for our so called exclusive minerals. Where then would Africa be after our minerals have all been shipped away and what is left is worthless because the ordinary person has access to cloned alternatives






4. Oil wealth

Our oil wealth has been lying undisturbed for aeons while the the world looked to the Gulf Kingdoms for supplies. Then later the likes of Nigeria and Angola sprung up from Africa to join the elite groups.
Of late however countries like Ghana, the ivory Coast and others are getting results from their explorations and getting some oil. The prospects look good but here again our leaders have signed giveaway agreements that would make some families rich but leave the countries with peanuts.
Maybe the greatest blow to our new found saviour in oil is the emerging development of alternate sources of cleaner energy. Europe and most of the world are shifting to the use of electric cars and machinery. What would be the worth of our oil? If even we become the world’s largest producers of oil what use would it be for us unless we decide to use it domestically on obsolete cars and machines that would soon be dumped on us for pennies? Even here we would be faced with the same shortcomings as most of us cannot refine our oil but rely on refineries in Europe and Asia.

I was of a feeling that our recent helplessness in the face of the corona pandemic would jolt our leaders to action yet what I see is yet another disgusting level of increasing dementia in leadership that leaves Africa on auto piloting.



Arise Africa



Ghana – Former Member Of Parliament For Tain Constituency in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana.

Hon. Kwasi Agyemang Gyan-Tutu







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