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E/R : Residents of Okwenya Leaves in fear after Armed Robbers killed 2 people.

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Residents of Okwenya – Akuse junction in the Lower Manya Krobo municipality of the Eastern region are leaving in fear over consistent Robbery Attack in the Neighborhood. According to them, three people were shot at okwenya bridge a week ago, two died whiles the other person manage to escape and he was hospitalized and discharged three days who. 

Speaking to the media Abraham Teye reiterated that  his 30,000 cedis was taken away by robbers at his shop in the community at 7pm.

He revealed that he was in the mobile money shop and he heard a strange noise as he was attending to two customers, the robbers entered his shop with knives,  cutlasses and gun and started demanding money where they made away his money Gh30,000 cedis .

He reiterated that when he reported the incident to the police, they arrested two suspects and they were taken to court but on the very day, the suspects were granted bail because the police said he has no evidence that shows they were the robbers    

He added he is now broke and he will be glad if someone will support him financially. 

He said they need a police barrier at Okwenya Bridge and Akuse junction to curb the day – Night Robbery. 

However, comfort Ahelebgeh,  who was shot in the  thighs lamented that she heard a sound of a gun and shouted jesus.

 At a spot the robbers started shooting at her shop,  suddenly the bullet penetrated into her thighs and she quickly run with her kids to a different house before she was transported to the hospital.   

She revealed that she was treated but the doctor was not able to identify the exact place the bullet penetrated.  

So after week she started experiencing some pain in her leg and as she went back  to the hospital,  that is  where they were able to take  out the bullet from her leg after she was admitted at the theater

The Acting Chief of Okwenya – Akuse junction  Gabriel Tawiah Osei  said he believes due to the lack of jobs in the community is the reason why  the robbery isdues is consistent in the area over 4 months now.  

He added that due to the caliber of Somanya – Okwenya bridge road, robbers have use the 1 kilometer road a yastic to Robbing people at gun-point. 

He said Two lives have been taken about two weeks ago but nothing has been done about the situation yet.  

He is pleading to The president of the Republic, Nana Akuffo Addo to help fix the trunk roads in the area.  

“I was attacked on the day when they came around but by grace of God  I am alive”. 

Nana Addo said he will provide jobs and we believe by the end of the day, the jobs will come but as at now, we haven’t seen anything like that. 

The unit committee chairman  Paul  senyemeh  also indicated that the robbery cases are increasing day by day.  

They need a police Barrier on  the road day and night to curb the situation at okwenya.

He said they are afraid to stay in their homes over the consistent robbery in the area.  We are really suffering here because robbers walk around like fowls this days.  

Story By:Mr  Kamel – Myghanamedia.com ( Eastern Region).

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