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Maintain Micheal Amoah Awuku As MCE  -NPP Youth Wing Of Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal Begs Nana Addo.

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With an impending reshuffle looming in President Akufo-Addo’s next administration, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Youth Wing  at the Of Atwima Nwabiagya South  Municipal in Kumasi have urged the president not to change  Hon. Michael Amoah Awuku as MCE of Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal looking at his good interpersonal relations, competent leadership and hard work which translated into the unprecedented development in the municipality during his first term as MCE.


Read the full statement below: 


For Immediate Release

8th February, 2021




The NPP youth fraternity in Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal express our sincerest congratulations to His excellency the president of the Republic; Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for his resounding victory in the 2020 December 7th general election, indeed we are not surprise looking at the massive evenly distributed infrastructural and economic development.

we witnessed in his first term despite the economic downturn he inherited from the erstwhile incompetent NDC government under the auspices of John Dramani Mahama.

As it is expected of every president to form his government to champion his policies and competently steer the affairs of the country to ensure more development, we humbly plead to His excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to retain Hon. Michael Amoah Awuku as MCE of Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal looking at his good interpersonal relations, competent leadership and hard work which translated into the unprecedented development in the municipality during his first term as MCE.

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Indeed as the Ashanti axiom goes; ” he who climbs a good tree always get a push” we believe Hon. Awuku discharged his duties as MCE meticulously which benefited not only the youth but the entire populace of the municipality.It must be emphasized that, our call is a genuine call based on objective assessment of his performance comparing to the policy initiatives of the NPP government as evidence abound that all the resources which include the DACF, DDF etc channelled to Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal were utilized effectively and judiciously for it intended purposes under his leadership.


Before I elucidate the thematic reasons for our passionate appeal to the president to retain Hon. Awuku as MCE, I want to state without equivocation that, the so called concern youth of Atwima are anti-NPP and any statement emanating from them against the competent MCE Hon.Awuku should be treated with the utmost contempt it deserves.

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As the youth organizer of the legally recognized wing of the party in the constituency, I reiterate that, the unwarranted, waggish and unsubstantiated allegations by the so called concern youth of Atwima should not be entertained as the group main agenda is to undermine the work of NPP government.

None of their words and actions before, during and after the December 7th general election suggest they wish good for NPP government. To buttress this assertion and to set the record straight, the group threw their support to independent candidate as against the president choice; they rigourously and vigorously campaigned against the parliamentary candidate of the party, such group certainly don’t want the progress of the NPP government and can not dictate for the president who ran on the ticket of NPP to consider their choice.


The critical question is; how can you resist the choice of the president during the general election and expect the president to consider your choice against the one who acted as campaign manager for the party victory in the constituency? Who should suffer for who to benefit for no work and sweat? Indeed, the marvelous performance of Hon.Awuku as the campaign manager of Atwima Nwabiagya South in the just ended election obstructed their ill-motive against the party hence their hatred against him.

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They should note that, the one they are against didn’t just work but acted as campaign manager in the constituency for the re-election of the president.In tumultuous voice we say we will fiercely resist any *monkey dey work baboon dey chop agenda* and suggest Hon. Awuku should be maintained because he deserves it.



As aforementioned, our support for Hon. Awuku is not borne out of anything but the objective assessment of his work as MCE and campaign manager.We believe he deserves to be maintained with no hesitation.The following are our reasons;

The nexus that exist between Hon. Awuku and the youth as well as the constituency executives, the various stakeholders and the entire populace of the municipality is unparalleled, indeed there is cordial working relationship between Hon. Awuku and the populace.It is gratifying to note that, the good relationship between Hon. Awuku and our MP, Hon. Emmanuel Agyei Anhwere serves as a parameter for other constituencies as many people cite their relation as worthy to emulate.

They clique and collectively champion the development agenda of the government, we therefore appeal for the duo to continue their good work for the municipality; thus we only need MCE who clique with our MP.A representative who has cordial relation with people easily notify the plight of the people and discharge his duty perfectly to meet the need of the people, this support the adage ; unity is strength.

We can attest objectively that, Hon. Awuku has such leadership quality as his doors are always open to welcome every tom dick and harry who seek the assistance of his office.

We wish to state that, Hon. Awuku has been supportive to the entire youth of the municipality, he is not discriminatory as he embrace every youth who seek his assistance.

His support for the numerous pro-youth policies of the government is unprecedented. His office sponsored about 200 youth in the various tertiary institutions across the country even before the introduction of the decentralised district scholarship scheme in 2019; a solid achievement we believe it wasn’t usual prior to his appointment.

His effort that ensured effective operationalization of the government flagship NABCO programme can not be underestimated as over 1000 unemployed youth benefited from the NABCO initiative in the municipality.

He also secured cumulative of about 500 jobs through the youth in afforestation programme, community police and other youth employment modules under YEA.

We also attest to his untiring effort that complemented the ministry of trade and industry for the setting up of the ultra modern Business Advisory Centre in the municipality which aim at facilitating small, and medium enterprises to ultimately generate employment for the youth.


Infrastructural projects catalyzes socio-economic development as it serve as a foundation for robust economic growth in every country.We have indeed witnessed numerous infrastructural development during his term as MCE as he faithfully utilize the DACF and DDF


We gladly state that, educational infrastructure is no more a major problem in the municipality as through his leadership many communities benefited new school blocks; for example Nerebehi, Amadum Adankwame, Besease, Kobeng etc benefited from 6-unit classroom blocks with ancillary facilities, also Nkawkoom, Kyereyaase, Manhyia, Kokobeng, etc also benefited from 3-unit classroom blocks with ancillary facilities.Asenemaso, and Seidi also benefited from ultra-modern KG block with ancillary facilities as well as numerous renovation of schools at Nkawie Panin, Toase, Abuakwa etc.

It must be emphasised that,prior to his appointment as MCE, Abuakwa which is one of the most densely populated town in Ashanti region was lacking secondary school but thankfully, there is ongoing ultra-modern community Day senior High School at Abuakwa which is earmarked to be completed before the close of the year, and this is not by chance but through his good leadership of utilizing government resources for the benefit of the populace.


Also, security infrastructural projects can’t be overlooked under his leadership.He has completed the Abuakwa police station block which was left for many years and now there is ongoing construction of police stations at Sepaase and Agogo, together with the numerous street lights he supplied to the various electoral areas.

He helped construct maternity ward at Nkawie-Toase government hospital and together with MP has constructed CHP compound with accommodation facilities at Asakraka which is being turned to Clinic to ensure easy access to health in the municipality.

Water and Sanitation
Water and sanitation has also been one of his major priority in achieving the SDG 6.There has been numerous water projects and toilet facilities at Nkawie Panin, Nkawie Kuma, Agogo, Nkrang, Toase etc.


7. 1D1F
Currently, there is ongoing Youth enable 1D1F factory at Gyankobaa to add value to ginger which is the main agricultural product in the community.He has also secured a vast land at Mim for the construction of bamboo processing factory all under the 1D1F initiatives.


Based on the aforementioned and many other projects as well as his good leadership qualities which unite the rank and file of the party, and the entire populace of the municipality, we humbly call on His excellency the president to retain Hon. Awuku to continue his good work for total transformation of the municipality, because we believe he poses the requisite leadership qualities that will ensure effective implementation of the government policies as he has done it before.
We thank the president in anticipation of his consideration of our humble request.May Allah guide the president in his appointments for NPP to continue the good work to break the 8 years chains by winning election 2024.

Thank you.




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