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Oti Region: NDC Descends Heavily On Kennedy Agyapong

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The Regional Executives of the largest opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Oti has blast the Assin Central member of parliament, Hon Kennedy Agyapong over his comments of saying that “the people of Oti, for being Ungrateful to Nana Addo and the New Patriotic Party [NPP ]”
Firebrand of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kennedy Agyapong has fired the people of the Oti for their act of ‘betrayal and ingratitude’ after voting for the National Democratic Congress despite what the NPP has done for them in the past four years.

Speaking on his Net2 TV, the ever-controversial lawmaker said Nana Akufo-Addo should be biased in his second term against regions that did not vote for them so they can solely concentrate on the Ashanti Region where they were saved from the jaws of defeat at the hands of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In a statement issued by the Regional secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Gado Yakubu Ninsaw has also expressed their worried of kind of words use by the member of parliament to the people of Oti Region.
Read the statement below:
Wonders they say will never end. However, certain issues can not be ignored because of the magnitude of their effect.
I read an article yesterday reported to be emanating from the Usual shameless loudmouthed Legislature, Kennedy Agyapong, who’s Honourable’s title has become a dog chain and by which he will be pulled to the market,  is blaming the GOOD people of Oti, for being Ungrateful to Nana Addo and The NPP.
Infact, the massage was poignant, filled with illogical sentiments.
To this unmerited legislature, the people of Oti are not  ‘maggots’  who feed on every human excreta without reasoning.
The people of Oti needs development and not juicy and lofty unfulfilling promises.
A legislator, whose core mandate has become fighting with Pastors and Celebreties on social media, can not and should not teach nor tell the good people of Oti which direction they should tow.
As espoused by Hon. A. B . A. Fuseni, ” a man who has been flowed by a pregnant woman in the market has no integrity left to protect” if you doubt this, revisit TRACY BOAKYE.
What has been your usefulness to Ghana’s parliament?
 “You are a classical example of a wasted beneficiary of  a Ghanaian tax payers money.
 Your maladroit compatriots, who heal you should be talked to and not the good people of Oti” he said.
“Do not allow your imbecility transcend beyond your boarders or you will be given a good dose of what you deserve!, he reiterated”.
He continued to say “We in NDC are grateful  to the good people of Oti and will forever remain thankful for the overwhelming endorsement of John Dramani Mahama, and NDC”.
The 8–0 defeat will remain a nightmare for you and  your compatriots and if there is  anything bellow this, we should have added.
The chiefs, Queen mother’s and the people of Oti are reasonable enough to take their own course.
Until you tell us the number of factories you have built in Oti?
The number of times you Rose up in parliament to defend or justify why a particular project should go to Oti?
How many people in Oti especially the youth, that have gained employment in your nepotistic government?
When are You completing the Eastern Corridor Road?
You have no moral right to question the good people of Oti the direction of our votes.
John Dramani Mahama’s  legacies are self explanatory to earn him and NDC the needed votes.
To just make such a sweeping statement that Oti people are Ungrateful to the NPP without introspection is infantile and warped logic.
Long live Oti
Long live JDM
Long live NDC.
Regional secretary (Ag.)0558202045.

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