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Video: ‘Who is Wontumi?” – Alan Kyerematen Responds To Chairman Wontumi

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In a swift response to an instruction by Chairman Wontumi, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), to remove his posters from all party offices in the region, former NPP presidential hopeful, Alan Kyerematen, voiced his perspective on the matter.

During an interview, Alan asserted that he harboured no issue with the poster removal request itself but rather with the individual making the request, highlighting his prior contributions to Chairman Wontumi’s political journey.

Alan expressed his sentiments with conviction, addressing the host of the ‘Mpu Ne Mpu’ segment on UTV, saying, “It’s not a problem. You say it’s from Wontumi? You say it’s from the chairman, Wontumi? Who brought Wontumi into the party? Ask him.” Alan Kyerematen went on to recount his initial interactions with Chairman Wontumi and his role in shaping his political trajectory.

“Today, Wontumi is making noise all over the place. If he has somebody to thank, he needs to thank Alan Kyerematen. I held his hand and brought him into the party. But who is Wontumi? I brought Wontumi into the party. I did so because I had good intentions for him. He was then a businessman, a small-time businessman,” he said.

He recalled an encounter with Chairman Wontumi back in 2005 when he was travelling to Kumasi. At the time, Chairman Wontumi, described by Alan as a small-time businessman, approached him expressing an interest in politics. Alan noted that Chairman Wontumi had observed his political acumen, vision, and leadership style, prompting his willingness to support Alan’s bid for the party’s flagbearer position.

“I was going to Kumasi in 2005, and he came to see me. Some of these things, we don’t have to say, but I have tolerated them for too long, that’s why I am talking. Today, when we are talking about party issues, he is the one to dictate things. He approached me and said he never thought to get involved in politics in Ghana, but after he observed the way I manage my politics, what I say, and my vision, if it is true I want to contest for the flagbearer position, then he is ready to support me, ” he narrated.

“I thought he was joking at first,” Alan admitted. However, as their interactions continued, it became clear that Chairman Wontumi was genuinely committed to the cause. Alan inquired about his constituency, which turned out to be Bosomtwe, and played a pivotal role in facilitating his rise within the party, eventually leading to Chairman Wontumi becoming the constituency chairman.

Alan Kyerematen’s support and mentorship extended further, culminating in Chairman Wontumi’s elevation to the role of a regional chairman. During his tenure in Alan’s camp, Chairman Wontumi exhibited remarkable vibrancy and played a pivotal role as a chief campaigner.

“But when I got to Kumasi, he would usually call, so I realized he was serious. At the time, I really liked young courageous people, just as I still do. I asked him which constituency he belonged to, and he said he was from Bosomtwe. I held his hand to the place and asked that they make him a chairman. At the time, I had great influence in the party, and truly, he became chairman. They made him the chairman. When Wontumi was in my camp, he was very vibrant, he was more than a chief campaigner. I will commend him for being smart to recognize that Alan would be the one that could help him into politics,” Alan Kyerematen said.




While Alan commended Chairman Wontumi’s political acumen in recognizing the opportunities presented by their collaboration, he expressed concern about the recent developments and actions of Chairman Wontumi. Alan urged him to exercise caution and gratitude, particularly when someone has contributed to one’s success.

But the things he is now doing, he needs to be very careful. He needs to be very careful. When someone helps you achieve success in life, do not betray the person.

The now independent presidential candidate added that, “After he [Wontumi] became chairman of the constituency, I also noticed he was working very hard, so I took him to the chairmen to make him a regional chairman. Ask him. Now, if you have a good standing, you think you are the only one who talks and everyone must listen to. So when I hear him saying he is campaigning against me, saying very big things, I do not have any problem, but I will advise him, if someone does good to you, remember and be grateful.”

Alan Kyerematen clarified his stance on the poster removal, stating that, as he is no longer an aspirant in the party, he has no objections if his posters are taken down. He emphasized that he holds no grievances but believes that those who have benefited from support should remember and appreciate those who aided their journey.

Chairman Wontumi’s earlier comments about Alan, where he highlighted the opportunities and support Alan had received from the NPP, had sparked this exchange. Wontumi had voiced his belief that Alan’s resignation from the party was a curse, given the help he had received and the potential consequences of his departure.




The public exchange between Alan Kyerematen and Chairman Wontumi underscores the intricate dynamics within political parties and the significance of personal relationships in Ghanaian politics.





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