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Aftermath Of General Elections Report – Executive Secretary of Save Ghana Foundation writes…

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A couple of days ago, Ghana went to the polls to elect it members of parliament and president. It was largely described as smooth, free and fair elections amidst pockets of violence.

These pockets of violence claimed lives of some Ghanaians and others injured. Many have shared their views on the development. I commensurate with the bereaved families and share the pains of those injured. I hereby join the call for investigations to be carried out in an expeditious manner to bring perpetrators to book. Every life of a Ghanaian is equally important as anyone.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana declared Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as President-elect for the second time on 9th December, 2020. The declaration after it was made by the electoral commissioner has met mixed reactions from political actors, individuals and other civil society groups. While some have praised the EC, others have contrary opinions.

As a citizen, a media practitioner and an executive secretary of Save Ghana Foundation, below is my take.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana led by Jean Adukwei Mensah by far has creditably performed well before, during and after the elections. They can not be perfect as a human institution and do have flaws. I also share the opinion some wrongs could have been prevented given extra attention. It has never happened where figures or percentages of presidential results are changed after official declaration. The EC could have served us better. It is unacceptable and unpardonable. The repercussions of this error could have caused severe chaos in the country.

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We should learn from our mistakes and repeat not in subsequent elections.


The NDC have every right under the constitution to hold pressers, processions and demonstrations to express their disappointment and displeasure with the turn of events as it happens. In fact, Chapter 5, Article 21 (D) guarantees every citizen right to process and demonstrate.

Irrespective of NDC’s right to demonstrate, exercising their constitutional right should not infringe on the right of other citizens. Chapter 5, Article 21 (G) guarantees “right to free movement within Ghana…”. Why then should protestors while demonstrating block roads and burn car tyres to impede movement ? I urge organizers of the demonstrations to as a matter of importance notify police as well. It is in this vain the Public Order Act (Act 491) is in existence.

The very juncture your right ends begins another’s right.

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A critical look at the ongoing demonstrations show that pelting of stones and attacking the police at certain times have been part of the process. This, I condemn in no uncertain terms and is alien to the right to demonstrate. Let’s not provoke the security agencies to act and afterwards hang them.

Our actions and inactions during demonstrations have the tendency to cause financial loss to the state. You destroy state facility and has to be fixed with money which was meant for another purpose. Even though you may be angry to a high level, destroying state property isn’t the way to go. Let’s exercise some level of decency in our actions.


Holding series of pressers and demonstrations are all forms to show discontent with a process or event but isn’t the ultimate resort to settle a presidential election dispute.

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A careful study of CI 127 which was used for December 2020 polls prove there isn’t any administrative structure to resolve presidential election dispute hence reference to the constitution.

The 1992 constitution in Chapter 8, Article 64; clause 1 reads, “The validity of the election of the President may be challenged only by a citizen of Ghana who may present a petition for the purpose to the Supreme Court within 21 days after declaration of the result of the election in respect of which the petition is presented”.

The constitutional provision above explicitly confer the Supreme Court been the Ultimate resort to challenge the validity of a President-elect which must be done 21 days after declaration. I therefore expect the NDC to do peaceful demonstrations and do the needful. Some elements pelting stones around and burning tyres should desist from such acts.

Respectfully, I would like to call it a day here for now and bounce back some other time.



Nana Quame Afriyie
Executive Secretary,Save Ghana Foundation.

Source:Nana Quame Afriyie /  Myghanamedia.com

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