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Dead Body Selling Business Hit Nkawie In The Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipal Capital

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Three able men are going to face the wraith of Nkawie Magistrate Court, for engaging in an unacceptable business. The men, Atibio, Ampong and Malik, will be arranged before the court early tomorrow morning, for allegedly selling 29 dead bodies to several individuals. Bodies that belonged to different persons from different families, were all sold by these men.
Atibio is a mortuary man at the Nananom Mortuary at Nkawie, and he has been working there for almost four years now. Atibio in connection with his supervisor Malik, arranges for the bodies to be made available, so Ampong can find direct customers for it. Whatever they uses the bodies for, no one can explain. They are very selective in their quest for bodies as, not all bodies are sold by these three men. Whether the bodies are used for other things, or they are buried, no one can tell when they are sold to their respective customers.
They always look for people who has no money to pay for the mortuary cost, or bodies from a deprived family. If your relative is from a deprived family, they offer you GH¢3000 to GH¢5000 to forget about the body. In so doing, they come up with lies that the body has been disfigured, so the family will be forced to bury bricks in closed casket. This has been going on since October 2019, and no one did ever complain because of the money given, as compensation.
On 4 August 2020, Sylvia and her sisters deposited their mother’s body at the Nananom mortuary and paid half of the mortuary cost, with the aim of coming back to pay the rest. Anytime they went to the mortuary, they were denied from seeing their mother’s body because of a cleanup exercise, Malik said was going on. The day of burial was scheduled for Sylvia and her family to take their body, and that was when they saw bricks been laid in casket, for them to bury as their mother. Sylvia who was the head of the funeral took the body back, and it was then they realized, their mother’s body has been sold. Malik gave Sylvia GH¢6,600 to keep mute, but Sylvia was not interested and reported the case to the police.
Nkawie police was called to the scene, and Malik was arrested on Friday evening. Malik after spending the Friday night at the Nkawie Police Station, confessed Atibio and Ampong’s involvement. Ampong was on his way running out of Nkawie, when he was arrested at the Nkawie barrier. Atibio was arrested in his home, and the three will be arranged before court tomorrow morning. Malik confessed in his testimony that, they have sold a total of 29 bodies since 2019, and cannot recall their clients. He cannot recall the clients because, they throw away their numbers after they receives their paid bodies.
The three agreed that, they do not sell the bodies for a fix price, but the lowest they have sold a body was GH¢45,000. And the highest they have sold a body, was GH¢70,000. They sell it to all kinds of people and couldn’t specify the people sold to.
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