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“Mischievous And Dishonest” People Will Argues That Akufo-Addo Is Not Corrupt – ADAM-GH Fired.

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The Executive Secretary of Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH) Mr. Azubila Salaam Emmanuel, a civil society organisation that anchors proper Democratic principles, fighting corruption and ensuring good governance, applauded the first special prosecutor of Ghana Mr. Martin  Amidu for refusing the President unfortunate advice to him to compromise his office as special Prosecutor in shielding Ken Ofori Atta’s AGYAPA scandal. 

It is so disturbing as a nation when the whole sitting president will reduce his office as president in protecting corrupt officials in his government by asking the Special Prosecutor to hide his investigative findings and allow the very person he investigated (Ken Ofori Atta the Finance minister) who is an architect of the whole AGYAPA scandal to write a report for Martin Amidu to present as a report coming from the office of the special prosecutor .

 If there is anyone to celebrate as a hero in the fight against corruption in Ghana today,  Martin Amidu is the one. It is so disappointing having a sitting president who is shielding his family members in his government who are engaging in dubious scandals.

This  drama from the President is not different from  police investigating a prime suspect over a case and gather all evidences that shows that the suspect actually took part in the crime and unfortunately, the President of the Republic to advise that, the police should hide that report and allow the suspect to write a report for the police to present as a report from their investigative findings. ADAM-GH operations as a civil society organisation that anchors proper Democratic principles, fights corruption and ensure good governance, we see the President response to Martin Amidu as  a clear indication that the Presidency actually interfered with the findings of Martin Amidu’s work.

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 The President response was directed to defending the finance minister (the suspect) instead of looking at the merit of the matter. The President described Martin Amidu’s report as “trying to create an impression that AGYAPA deal is serious corruption”. Meaning he the President does not believe that the AGYAPA deal is an embodiment of corruption. 

The Presidency failed to look at the merit of Martin Amidu’s report and subject the finance minister Ken Ofori Atta to investigation but rather emphasized on given the finance minister Ken Ofori Atta a hearing before acting on Martin Amidu’s report, as if Martin Amidu’s report was the first time he the President is hearing about the AGYAPA dubious scandal.

 If the Presidency care to know, Civil society organisations in Ghana were the first group to raise red flag against the AGYAPA scandal after your finance minister Ken Ofori Atta sent it to parliament and used majority in parliament to bulldozed his way through with your approval as president.  

Mr. President don’t pretend as if this AGYAPA deal is new to you, the deal  passed through the Presidency to parliament and the finance minister has briefed the President severally on the AGYAPA scandal before he the President sent government delegation to meet all CSO’s to explain in details to civil society organisations who raised red flag against the deal as to  why  government believe the AGYAPA deal is a good deal. Martin Amidu as special prosecutor was the last resort to let the people of Ghana know whether the AGYAPA deal is indeed a good deal or  a dubious scandal like the PDS.

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 Today if Martin Amidu resigns after presenting his investigative findings to the President and accuse  Mr. President  of interference and lack of commitment in fighting corruption then, this is a clear indication that the President is absolutely corrupt himself and is not committed to fighting corruption against his own family members in his government but rather, choses to fight all institutions and individuals who are fighting corruption in the country.

The President calling on his government officials and party members not to respond to Martin Amidu’s resignation letter and report on AGYAPA corruption case  is unfortunate, unpatriotic and a sign of a corrupt leader who is not committed to fighting corruptions in his government.

 The attempt by the President to challenge Martin Amidu and discredit his investigative findings as a Special prosecutor after exposing the President is  regrettable and shameful so therefore, the general public and the media must  interrogate the issue of AGYAPA scandal whether the President and his party likes it or not, it is  a national concern and an embarrassment to as all as Ghanaians. 

The President must explain to us why his government is at variance  with Institutions and individuals fighting corruptions in this country. Anas Aremeyaw’s Tiger Eye PI and his team suffered the wrath of this government, Manasseh Azure suffered the wrath of this government, Yaw Domelevo the Auditor General suffered the wrath of this government, Martin Amidu the Special prosecutor suffered the wrath of this government, Civil society organisations and investigative journalist also suffered  the wrath of this government for fighting corruption.

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 ADAM-GH is challenging the President to make public of  the finance minister’s response on the Martin Amidu report where he considered it more  appropriate and undramatic than the one from the Special prosecutor’s office.

The office of the special prosecutor’s assertion that the President is a judge in his own court is in a good direction  because, in point number 8 of the President response, he described Martin Amidu’s action as a “dramatic turnaround and disturbing”  for refusing to accept the Response from the finance minister. The finance minister Ken Ofori Atta’s response  which is geared towards  stealing our Gold royalties response are not seen as dramatic turnaround and disturbing but Martin Amidu who is fighting corruptions in your government is being called names. We are therefore calling on the President to publish the report from the Finance minister as against the report from Mr. Martin Amidu.

 We also want him to refer both Martin Amidu’s report and the finance minister’s response to EOCO or CHRAJ to further investigate the matter.                        


Signed AZUBILA SALAM EMMANUEL (Executive Secretary of ADAM-GH).                              Contact:0544418072 / 0243486397.

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