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National Organizer Slot: I’m The Only Person Who Can Help NPP To Break The Eight – Bright Essilfie Tells Delegates

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A National Organizer hopeful for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Bright Essilfie Kumi has filed his nomination forms on Wednesday June 15, 2022 at the NPP headquarters to contest the position of the National Organizer of the party in the upcoming national executives election.

According to him, there are undeniable records on the grounds which have attested to the fact that the party needs a new dynamic national organizer like him who can help to break the eight jinx for the NPP.

He stated that when given the nod he use his vast experience to change the mindset of Ghanaians to vote for the NPP in the 2024 general elections, adding that he will change the fortunes of the youth.

He indicated that there is a lot of discontent among some faithfuls who have gone to the extent of ‘throwing curses’ at the party.

He explained that the aggrieved members worked hard and sacrificed time, resources and efforts to help the party secure victory in 2016 and 2020, however they have been side-lined and ‘forgotten’.

“Truth speaking, if the party does not put things in order, we are losing, we cannot break the eight. The things I’m hearing based on my rounds [are not good]. From executive to the grassroots there are many things that need fixing for the eight to break itself.

Saying break the eight jinx is a mere sloganeering; break the eight with what?,” Mr. Bright Essilfie expressed these sentiments when he granted an interview with senior journalists after he filed normition party on Wednesday June 15, 2022 to contest the position of the national youth organizer.


After monitoring what is happening on the ground, Mr. Bright Essilfie told journalists in Accra lamented that most people, particularly the grassroot members of the NPP feel left out especially when it comes to opportunities.


He revealed that NPP at the grassroots as well as financiers are unhappy due to what he described as “unfair distribution of opportunities.”

They have struggled and fought hard to move the party out of opposition and so if there is any benefit, they should be counted for their sacrifices, he said.

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He noted that if “we went to the grassroot levels of the NPP, things are not sort as the current leadership of the party touted to many Ghanaians that it were.

He pointed out that the noise of breaking the eight jinx is just an slogan, asking that what are we doing to break the eight jinx.?

He explained that the other persons who were neglected by the party in the grassroot levels are unhappy, saying that what are the proactive actions and steps the leadership of the party are taking to encourage these disgruntled members and supporters to have hope in the NPP in order for them to vote the party to break the eight jinx.

“It is the important that the grounds of the NPP are infertile, the people have seen that the leadership that we operate in terms of our organizational structures and foundations are not all that strong for the NPP to be saying we are breaking the eight jinx.

“Because mobilizing resources and other things and opportunities are not coming, and it is simply means that we don’t have the system to test that and we just going there to tell your friends that can you give ten guys for police.

“… give me eight guys for solidies, l think that there should be be a bigger database system that captures all members of the party but not the names alone. When they tell you they are members of the NPP, they should be their records of the sacrifices they had made for the party and what do they want.

“… and if you have any slot and is about police you just type on your computer! police, and that you would get to know every constituencies, the persons who are looking for the police opportunities because we have all fought for the power,” he explained.

According to Mr. Essilfie Kumi, when given the nod he has it takes to set up a database system that would ensure a fair distribution of opportunities for Party members and businessmen who invest in the party.

The Database System Analysis is expected to capture the names of members, when they joined the party, their contributions to the party, as well as record all the contributions of the party’s financiers to ensure even distribution of opportunities.

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“So l am saying that the delegates of the NPP to vote for me as their next national youth organizer because l have experience who joined the NPP in 1996 and l worked tirelessly in the 2016 general elections, l have the group in the whole country, l have also hold position outside the country,” he stressed.

He repeated that he has tirelessly worked for the 2016 general elections for the NPP to win the political power and that his portfolios is still in but “l am still solving many problems for the NPP across the country.”

He noted that he is currently helping the NPP to create jobs in every where from northern to southern sectors of the country and that many top shots of the NPP had knew his personal contribution he has made to the development of the party since he joined NPP in 1996.

He said at the end of the day it does not mean how good leader you are but it is about how your leadership affect those are following you.

“And the opportunities they think to get, the life changing opportunities they get and not necessarily coming to the delegates congress
and be shouting that hey fellow Krukrudus and that this decision is not enough to solve the problem of the members of the party,” he complained.

According to him, the members and supporters should feel your leadership and of course telling “you without a portfolio.”

When asked who are the failure within the current leadership of the NPP, he responded that those who failed cut across cited an example of the circumstance of the current struggling of the youth wings of the party to get opportunities within the party.

He pointed out that no youth wings of the NPP would confidently state that they were helped by the leadership party them to get opportunities within the party since the party has come to the power for the past five years ago.

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“It is means that the opportunities for the youth are there in the party and it is matter of how the current youth leadership of the NPP distribute such opportunities to all of them to have their fair share,” he stated.

“Number two some of the seats in the various constituencies that the NPP lost to the NDC in the 2020 general elections, take for instance in the Tema East all industrialized institutions in Tema East such as GPOHA, GNPC, Nettles Ghana Limited, Uniliver Ghana Limited, TOR, GHACEM and the NPP MP there at that time allowed NDC parliamentary candidate to invade the companies to campaign vigorously to win the seat from the NPP, with all these resources available to the NPP, and now you are saying you want to come and manage the whole party in the national level it would not happen,” he stressed.

“It isn’t that the party doesn’t have opportunities but we have no systems of distribution to defer and that’s why we need a data system to include everybody including volunteer groups because they have worked tirelessly to fight for us to capture power but do we know what they want?” he added.

He further criticized the poor communication system in the party noting that the grassroots don’t understand what is happening.

“The party communication is not functional…because you cannot select just 17 people to be party communicators to be speaking on radio and TV for the party. People don’t know what is going on and so if anyone sets any [negative] propaganda it works against us”

He thus suggested the establishment of National Communication Institute to train members in their own language at all levels to articulate the ideologies, achievements and policies of the party and perhaps give them allowances.














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